Starfield's Character Creation gives the player quite a lot of freedom to develop the looks and aesthetics of the playable character, it features many sliders to modify each stage of the creation (Body, head, etc..) with precision. Part of the process also includes the selection of a background (this game's Classes) that will define starting Skills the player is trained at and also Traits. Traits are reminiscent of old school tabletop RPGs advantages and disadvantages, giving the player edges and benefits while also adding some form of negative effect to balance it.

They can for example give you an annoying follower that will nonetheless help as a crew member, or give religious benefits particular to a faction like the Enlightened while lowering the standing with competing ones like the Sanctum Universus. All in all, the options are fleshed enough so that each character will have an interesting mix of skills and story elements.

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Starfield Character Creation


Who do you play as in Starfield?

The character you play as inside the game is not a predetermined one. You can modify to some extent the alignment and relationships it has with the several Factions present in the game in character creation. But all in all it's a blank canvas for you to build relationships with NPC's and train the Skills you want them to use throughout the story. The game intro lets you know that despite the background you choose, right now you are recently hired space miner for the Argos Extractors on their first day on the job.


How is difficulty in Starfield?

All Difficulty levels affect damage and the chance to encounter Legendary enemies. At the difficulty selection screen you will also be able to choose how does the game auto save your progress, you can change the options so that whenever you Rest, Wait, Travel or Pause the system saves your progress.




Character Customization Screen

Character Appearance

Three tabs in the Character Customization screen allow you to alter how your playable character will look – they are the Biometric ID, Body, and Face tabs.

Biometric ID

When first reaching the Character Customization screen, players will land on the Biometric ID tab. This tab offers the player 32 pre-set character loadouts. It's important to note that character appearance can be changed anytime throughout the playthrough when visiting a genetics facility.

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The Body tab allows the player to adjust their character's body. You can toggle your character's Hab Suit on and off while previewing this tab. These are the following changes you can make under the Body tab:

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  • Body Type - Choose from an array of pre-set body types. This can be fine-tuned using the radar graph above the option. With this radar graph, you will be able to precisely adjust the balance between your characters musculature, weight, and body composition.
  • Walk Style - Determines your character's walk animation.
  • Skin Tone - Your character's complexion can be altered using the provided slider.



You can alter your character's facial appearance under the Face tab. Alongside the many options, each one can be further adjusted with the "Refine" button.

You can make the following changes under the Face tab:

  • Skin Tone
  • Head Shape
  • Hair
  • Hair Color
  • Eyes
  • Eye Color
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyebrows Color
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Teeth
  • Jaw
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Jewelry
  • Jewelry Color
  • Dermaesthetic
  • Complexion Color Temp
  • Complexion Blemishes
  • Scars
  • Facial Forms
  • Facial Forms
  • Tattoos
  • Cheeks
  • Lipstick Base
  • Lipstick Accents
  • Eye Shadow Upper
  • Eye Shadow Lower
  • Eye Liner Upper
  • Eye Liner Lower
  • Dirt


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Character Backgrounds

Under Background tab, you can choose your character's 'starting class'.


Backgrounds (Classes) in Starfield are selected as backgrounds during Character Creation, they provide the starting Skills a character is trained at and will be able to use as soon as the game starts. They can also affect certain dialogues and relationships with the different Factions present in the game. As is Bethesda's tradition the choice of background does not limit the Skills that the character can learn, making the possibilities of specialization the player has during the playthrough very flexible.

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Starfield Backgrounds Guide

Starfield Backgrounds

When customizing your character in the Character Creation screen, you will have the option to choose one Background for your character. These backgrounds act as starting Backgrounds and provide your character with 3 starting Skills. Choosing certain backgrounds may add unique NPC dialogue.

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All Starfield Backgrounds

Beast Hunter

From the Ashta of Akila to the Terrormorphs that plague the whole of the Settled Systems, hostile alien life abounds. You've learned the skills to track them, find them, and take them down.

Starting Skills:


You've worked the line at the toughest clubs in the Settled Systems. Back then, you learned that most non-lethal confrontations can be solved with a strong right hook, or a secured door.

Starting Skills: 

Bounty Hunter

Wherever there are wanted individuals, there are those who profit from their capture. And your quarry knows that in the vastness of space, they can run… but they can't hide.



While the unrefined masses scarfed down Chunks by the shipload, you catered to those with a more... discerning palate. In your kitchen, countless alien species became true culinary masterpieces.

Starting Skills: 

Combat Medic

Leave it to human beings to fight over something as infinite as outer space. That's where you come In. You've never been afraid to take on the enemy... but you’d much rather take care of your friends.

Cyber Runner

From Neon to New Atlantis, the megacorps stand as monuments to power, prestige, and profit. You've worked both for and against them. On the Inside and out, often sacrificing conscience for credits.

Starting Skills: 



Robots? Mere toys. Neuroamps? Good for parlor tricks. The Colony War may have made implants and upgrades available to veterans. but you once saw a greater future. Humans and machines, as one.

Starting Skills: 


The wars are over. Peace now reigns the Settled Systems. But only because there are those quietly fighting to keep it. Because of you, agreements were signed. words were heeded... lives were spared.

Starting Skills: 


They said exploration Is a lost art. You didn't listen. As the major factions argued over the space they desperately tried to control, you were busy uncovering the wonders of the Settled Systems.

Starting Skills: 



You were always disgusted by suckers killing themselves to make an “honest wage.” As soon as you were old enough to hold a weapon. you took what you wanted from anyone unlucky enough to have it.

Starting Skills: 


The discovery of the Settled Systems' many oxygen-rich planets and means humans could live just about anywhere... if they had the know how. You did, and utilized it to great effect.

Starting Skills: 


There was a time when all you wanted to be was a titan of industry, maybe a ship designer. or megacorp exec. Thankfully. that skillset never goes out of style in the Settled Systems.

Starting Skills: 


Long Hauler

Let those other hotheaded pilots obsess over laser weapons and maneuverability. You're a space trucker. pure and simple. Pack the cargo. get it there fast. get paid, repeat. Life is simple and good.


Wayfarer. wanderer, seeker... transient. You've been called many things during your travels, and learned something those others could never understand – the journey IS the destination.

Starting Skills: 


You always enjoyed learning. but nothing could compare to the joy of teaching others. As humankind spread throughout the stars, there was never a lack of knowledge to obtain. and you gladly assisted.



Masterless and unbound. you wandered the Settled Systems as a blade for hire. To some, you were a simple mercenary. To others, a hero. And to a select few... a nightmare they could never wake from.

Starting Skills: 


With your knowledge of anatomy and skilled. steady hands. you could have had a lucrative career as a surgeon. Instead. you followed your heart, and created works of art to amaze and inspire.

Starting Skills: 


The Settled Systems is no stranger to warfare, and if there's one thing armed conflict relies on it's trained warriors with guns and guts. You had both. Simple, bloody work... and you were great at it.


Space Scoundrel

Good? Bad? Whose right is it to say? If there's anything you've learned while traipsing through the galaxy, it's this: space may look black. but it‘s really one big shade of grey.


The Settled Systems is home to untold alien species. And while none of them have yet proven sentient, that never deterred you. So you sought out and studied them for whatever gifts they offered.

Starting Skills: 


Oddly, there is no information on file about your past life. Clerical oversight? Deletion by some powerful unknown faction? Or was there just nothing of note to mention? Whatever the reason, your past is known only to you. What's important is the here and now, and the path you're about to forge...

Starting Skills: 



Character Traits

The final tab in the character customization screen is the Traits tab.

Traits in Starfield refer to optional additional attributes you can give to your character during Character Creation. Each Starfield Trait provides the player character with its own unique advantages and disadvantages to gameplay. You can select up to 3 traits, but do note that some Traits cannot be equipped together. 


How do Starfield Traits work

During Character Creation, you're granted the choice to select a maximum of 3 Traits, though this decision is entirely voluntary. It's important to note that Starfield Traits are not obligatory and can be completely disregarded. Each of these Traits introduces a blend of pros and cons impacts, affecting your overall journey as you traverse through the Starfield universe.

Additionally, these Traits will provide distinct dialogue choices tailored to each specific trait. 

Can you remove Traits in Starfield

Traits come with negative effects to gameplay and so it is natural that some players may be unhappy with their initial character build later on in the game. Instead of needing to restart the game to remake your character's Traits, there will be quests available in-game to completely remove any unwanted traits.

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Starfield Traits


Starfield Traits Comparison Table

Quick Search of All Starfield Traits  

Incompatible Traits
Alien DNA
You volunteered for a controversial experiment that combines alien and human DNA. As a result, you start with increased health and oxygen. But healing and food items aren't as effective.  N/A
Dream Home
You own a luxurious, customizable house on a peaceful planet! Unfortunately, it comes with a 125,000 credit mortgage with GalBank that has to be paid weekly.  N/A
You are deeply connected to the feelings of others. Performing actions your companion likes will result in a temporary increase in combat effectiveness. But performing actions they don't like will have the precise opposite effect.  N/A
You're a people person. Exerting yourself uses less oxygen when adventuring with human companions. But exerting yourself uses more oxygen when adventuring alone. Introvert
Freestar Collective Settler
You gain access to special Freestar Collective dialogue options and better rewards from some missions given by the faction. But crime bounty towards other factions is greatly increased.  Can't be combined with any other faction allegiance trait.
Hero Worshipped
You've earned the attention of an annoying “Adoring Fan” who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he'll join your ship's crew and give you gifts... N/A
You really need your alone time. Exerting yourself uses less oxygen when adventuring alone, but more when adventuring with other human companions. Less endurance when adventuring with other human companions Extrovert
Kid Stuff
Your parents are alive, and you can visit them at their home But you will automatically send 2% of your credits home to them every week. N/A
Neon Street Rat
You grew up on the mean streets of Neon. You gain access to special dialogue options and better rewards from some missions on Neon. Crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased. Can't be combined with any other faction allegiance trait.
Raised Enlightened
You grew up as a member of the Enlightened. You gain access to a special chest full of items in the House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis. Lose access to the Sanctum Universum store. Can't be combined with any other religion trait.
Raised Universal
You grew up as a member of the Sanctum Universum. You gain access to a special chest full of items in the Sanctum Universum in New Atlantis Lose access to the House of the Enlightened chest Can't be combined with any other religion trait.
Serpent's Embrace
You grew up worshiping the Great Serpent. Grav jumping provides a temporary boost to health and oxygen. But health and oxygen are lowered if you don't continue jumping regularly – like an addiction. Can't be combined with any other religion trait.
Your body has become acclimated to space. Health and oxygen are increased when in space. But health and endurance are decreased when on the surface Can't be combined with Terra Firma
Occasionally, if you have crew trained in a certain ship system, that system will automatically repair itself to full health whenever it is damaged below 50%. However, all crew cost twice as much to hire. Can't be combined with any other faction allegiance trait.
Terra Firma
You've never acclimated to space. Health and oxygen are increased when on the surface. But health and oxygen are lowered decreased when you're in space Can't be combined with Spaced
United Colonies Native
You gain access to special United Colonies dialogue options and better rewards from some missions given by the faction. However, crime bounty by other factions is greatly increased. Can't be combined with any other faction allegiance trait.
Someone put a price on your head, and word has spread. Occasionally, armed mercenaries will show up and try to kill you. But being cornered gives you an edge - when your health is low, you do extra damage.  N/A




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