Companions in Starfield are allies who accompany the player on quests and may be recruited as a member of your crew. There may be several companions that will be introduced, allowing the players more interactions, a wider range of locations to explore and unlockable quests or missions.

As of this writing, there are no news or information that is related to Companions, but it is safe to assume the following:

  • Companions can also level up similar to the playable character
  • Companions can be given commands in certain situations of the game
  • They can be customized as well, such as their weapons, armor, and skills
  • Companions may have their specified classes and appear as various races.
  • These companions have their own missions, quests, and objectives that will allow players to explore the world more.


This page will be updated once the official information has been released and once Starfield is launched.


Starfield Companions

vasco starfield companion


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