Crafting in Starfield is a major aspect of the game's progression. As the Players explore the world of Starfield, they will have the ability to craft their Weapon and Armor of choice by using various Items or Materials.

From the Research Laboratory, players will be able to conduct various research projects under 5 main categories: Pharmacology, Food and Drink, Outpost Development, Equipment, and Weaponry. Resources found during exploration will be key in crafting. Every research project in a research tree has to be done sequentially - for example, the research project on Barrel Mods 1 must be completed before being able to conduct research on Barrel Mods 2.

This in-depth crafting system allows players to create new items helpful in exploring new planets, and create weapon mods and upgrades vital to survival. The various items that can be crafted in Starfield will be covered on this page.


Starfield Crafting

Food & Drink
Outpost Development








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