Starfield has brought attention to most of the gamers from the moment it has been revealed in Bethesda's E3 Press Conference in 2018. This FAQ section will cover various questions with their respective answers in order for you to know the things that you need to learn before picking up the game. Questions like, how will the combat system will be? Will this be in comparison to the Mass Effect series? Are there multiple endings? What platforms will Starfield be on? Etc. are just a few of the many FAQs that can be brought up.

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Starfield FAQ

When will Starfield release?

The highly anticipated space-themed game called Starfield had initially set its release date for November 11, 2022. However, Bethesda, the company behind the game, shared some news with the fans in May 2022 that caused a change in plans. They kindly informed everyone that the game's release would be delayed, meaning it would take longer than expected to reach the eager players. Bethesda explained that both Arkane Austin, the developers of Redfall, and Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of Starfield, had big dreams and ambitions for their respective games. They wanted to make sure that when the games finally hit the shelves, they would be of the highest quality and perfectly polished. As fans anxiously awaited the new release date, they held onto hope that Starfield would arrive in the first half of 2023. However, it seemed that destiny had other plans, as Bethesda came forward with another announcement. This time, it was an official confirmation of a different release date for Starfield: the game would finally make its debut in September. The news brought a mix of emotions to the fans, as they were excited about the upcoming launch, but also had to wait a little longer to embark on their intergalactic adventures. To make the wait more bearable and to further tantalize the eager audience, Bethesda unveiled a special Starfield release date trailer. This trailer served as a sneak peek into the game, offering intriguing glimpses and details that fueled the anticipation of the devoted fanbase. The trailer's arrival sparked discussions and speculation among fans, as they analyzed every frame and eagerly dissected the clues hidden within, attempting to piece together what Starfield would bring to the gaming world.

Starfield Character Creation

When you create your character in Starfield, you get to pick a background that shapes their personal history. The choices include things like combat medic, bouncer, professor, or homesteader, and each one comes with three initial skills. These skills are familiar if you've played other Bethesda RPGs, like medicine, lasers, persuasion, and bargaining. If you want to go even deeper into roleplaying, Starfield has a bunch of traits to choose from. This is a system that players of previous Bethesda games might recognize. Traits are optional and come with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the "Spaced" trait gives you more health and endurance in space but lowers them on the surface. But don't worry if a trait becomes more of a problem than a help. You can solve these issues because, according to Howard, traits are like "problems you can solve." There will be sidequests to remove or resolve these traits. The backgrounds and traits in Starfield give your character more customization and make their development more interesting. You have a wide range of choices that can have a big impact on how you play the game. Whether you want a balanced character or one with specific strengths and weaknesses, Starfield lets you shape your character's story and overcome any challenges that come your way.

Will weapons and Ships be customizable in Starfield?

Within the expansive universe of Starfield, players are not limited to pre-made ship choices. Instead, they are presented with an exhilarating opportunity to embark on the creation of their very own spacecraft, starting from scratch. This means that players have full authority over the ship's visual design, interior layout, and overall performance, thanks to a wide array of ship customization options. The game provides specialized shipbuilding tools that grant players the ability to strategically place and personalize individual modules, sourced from various ship manufacturers, each offering distinct performance attributes and characteristics. The customization options within Starfield are not limited to ships alone, as players also have the freedom to modify and personalize their collection of space firearms. The game incorporates a comprehensive crafting system that empowers players to enhance and customize their weapons. A glimpse into the in-game crafting mechanics revealed the exciting possibility of researching modifications for a submachine gun. This fascinating feature opens up a multitude of customization avenues, including choices for the barrel, grip, optic, and muzzle attachments of the weapon. By incorporating these extensive shipbuilding and weapon customization features, Starfield provides players with an immersive experience that invites them into a world of boundless creativity and self-expression. Players can shape their own unique gameplay journey according to their personal style and preferences, forging a truly individualized adventure within the vast expanse of Starfield's universe.

Will there be powers/magic in Starfield?

In the Starfield Direct showcase, we got a quick look at Starfield's universe, and it turns out there's some magical stuff happening. In one scene, the player character stretched out their hand doing hand waves, making the enemies in a hallway float because gravity was turned off. How exactly you learn these space wizard skills is unknown right now, but it's likely related to the strange alien objects that you and the others in the Constellation are exploring.

Is Multiplayer confirmed for Starfield?

Starfield won't have multiplayer. Bethesda has said that they don't plan to add competitive player versus player or cooperative features to the game. So, don't expect any multiplayer options in Starfield.

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