Locations in Starfield are areas that players may explore within the game's universe. The game has a large-scale Galaxy Map featuring over a hundred planetary systems and over a thousand planets. Each planet has unique features, including variations in gravity, temperature, atmosphere, and life forms. In the same system, you'll be able to find a warm planet bustling with life, and another that's barren but teeming with valuable resources. The locations page will cover all areas such as Landing Spots and cities, including primary, secondary, and tertiary locales.

Players will be able to land on any part of each planet and explore its various cities and environments. Expect to meet various NPCs and unlock a series of Missions and Story Progression while doing so. You can find all the relevant information and updates on Starfield Locations on this page. You can also visit the Outposts page to learn about the home bases on different planets that players can customize.

Systems in Starfield

As you examine your starmap closely, a multitude of fascinating possibilities unfurls before you. Each glance offers an incredible chance to explore and evaluate each system's captivating planets. Some planets hold significant locations, thrilling missions, and the potential for life, capturing your attention with their enigmatic presence.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Brace yourself for an even more astonishing revelation. As you gradually zoom out from the starmap, your cosmic perspective expands to encompass interconnected systems within the vast galaxy that surrounds you. In this awe-inspiring panorama, numerous hidden wonders come into focus, eagerly awaiting your intrepid exploration.

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Allow your imagination to soar as you ponder the extraordinary opportunity to navigate toward these ethereal systems, shimmering like distant jewels amidst the vast cosmic tapestry. Visualize yourself traversing space, propelled by the remarkable power of your ship's Grav Drive. With this formidable technology, you surpass the limitations of conventional travel, effortlessly crossing vast distances by Folding Space and elegantly leaping into these remote celestial domains.

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However, dear adventurer, do not let the allure of these distant systems overshadow the importance of self-improvement and diligent ship maintenance. Remember that the expanses of space present challenges, and venturing into the unknown requires not only a desire for discovery but also the dedication to upgrade your reliable vessel and refine your skills. Through steady effort and occasional enhancements, you will strengthen your ship's capabilities and sharpen your own proficiency, enabling you to venture even deeper into the cosmos and embrace the mysteries that await in those far-off destinations.

Fast Travel in Starfield

The Fast Travel feature in Starfield is an impressive addition that grants players the remarkable ability to swiftly and conveniently transport themselves to various well-known locations on each planet they explore. Once they touch down, players can utilize this functionality to instantly move between already discovered spots or predetermined waypoints, saving them the laborious task of navigating the vast distances on foot or through manual travel. This popular feature, commonly found in open-world games, allows players to effortlessly jump to their desired destinations, thereby optimizing their time and energy.

By eliminating unnecessary delays and tedious journeys across the game world, Fast Travel immerses players in the captivating and expansive universe of Starfield, enabling them to fully engage with thrilling adventures, engaging quests, and breathtaking discoveries on the enigmatic planets it offers. Overall, it enhances the gaming experience and allows players to focus on exploring the vastness of Starfield's universe.

Starfield Helpful Links for Locations

  • Ships: The ship or spaceship is the primary spacecraft used to travel between Star Systems. You'll find helpful information on the Ship Guide page for Starfield.
  • Outposts: The outpost is a housing feature that allows players to build a facility on a planet or moon. The Outpost Guide page for Starfield covers all the information you need to know about how to use and develop an Outpost.
  • Star Systems: Star Systems are the regions in Starfield. There are over 100+ systems that consist of planets, moons, settlements, locations, and more.
  • Planets: Planets are primary celestial bodies that are found within a Star System, there are over 1000+ planets and moons that are waiting to be discovered.
  • Moons: Moons are the secondary planetary-mass objects that orbit a planet. Unlike Planets, there are some settlements that you can find on different moons such as research facilities, outposts, and other secluded areas.
  • Missions: Missions are the quests available in Starfield. It is divided into a few categories such as Faction Missions, Miscellaneous Missions, assignments exclusive to the Mission Board, and main quests.
  • Research Laboratory: The Research Lab is a common area that involves Crafting. You can find information on how to conduct research projects and learn about how crafting works in Starfield.
  • Workbench: The Workbench is a station that can be located in various locations. It is mainly used for crafting various items. The Workbench Guide page covers information about the available items that can be crafted and the location of workbenches across the galaxy.


Starfield All Locations

 Please take note that the listing of all locations in Starfield is currently a WIP.

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Locations Table View


Starfield All Locations Table

Quick Search of All Locations in Starfield

Star System Planet/Moon Faction
Abandoned Muybridge Pharmaceuticals Lab Sol System Venus United Colonies
Abandoned Weapon Station Sol System Venus United Colonies
Akila City Cheyenne System    
Apollo Landing Site Sol System Luna United Colonies
Argos Extractors Mining Outpost Narion System Vectera Argos Extractors
Commercial District Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies
Cydonia Sol System Mars United Colonies
Cydonia - Central Hub Sol System Mars United Colonies
Deserted UC Listening Post Sol System Luna United Colonies
Freestar Rangers Outpost Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
Kreet Research Lab Narion System Kreet Freestar Collective
Legrande's Liquors Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
London Landmark Sol System Earth United Colonies
MAST District Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies
Moara's Ship Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies
Muybridge Caverns Sol System Venus United Colonies
Neon Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
Neon Core Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
Neon Mining League Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
New Atlantis Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies
Newill's Goods Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
Nova Galactic Staryard Sol System Luna United Colonies
Reliant Medical Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies
Residential District Volii System Jemison United Colonies
Ryujin Tower Volii System Volii Alpha Ryujin Industries
Sanctum Universum Church Alpha Centauri System Jemison Sanctum Universum
Seighart's Outfitters Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
The Eye Alpha Centauri System Jemison Constellation
The Lodge Alpha Centauri System Jemison Constellation
The Well Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies
Trade Tower: Astral Lounge Volii System Volii Alpha Freestar Collective
UC Distribution Alpha Centauri System Jemison United Colonies

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