Missions in Starfield are the various quests and tasks the player can acquire throughout the game. Some MissionsMain Missions— are compulsory quests that must be completed in order to finish the game, and others are secondary quests that explore the Locations, NPCs, Enemies, and Bosses not present in the main storyline, but build on the game's environment and lore. Most Missions can be unlocked by interacting with NPCs or witnessing certain events unfold, and some are unlocked sequentially, only being available after completing the previous Mission.

  • For a list of Activities in Starfield, please visit the Activities page.
  • For a detailed walkthrough on the game's main storyline missions, please visit the Walkthrough page.

What are missions in Starfield?

When you set off on your thrilling adventure across the vastness of the solar system, the anticipation of the exciting quests that lie ahead might pique your curiosity. Rest assured, there's no need to worry, as the Settled Systems offer an abundance of missions and side quests, creating a captivating and boundless expanse of space to explore. In addition to the main story, prepare yourself to be immersed in epic political conflicts, fierce battles with space pirates, and the potential to build lasting friendships during your journey. As you traverse through Starfield's immersive universe, you'll find yourself embarking on an extraordinary journey, venturing through thousands of diverse planets, each with its own unique characteristics. The vastness of the game's scale and the use of procedural generation necessitated a fresh and innovative approach to designing side quests. Many of these quests begin in dynamically placed settlements, guiding you on a path that might lead you to an enthralling and dynamically generated dungeon while you navigate the planet's surface. So, with anticipation and excitement, prepare yourself to delve into this enthralling exploration through space, embracing the diversity and engagement of these incredible missions that await you in Starfield.

In the vast universe of Starfield, a diverse array of mission types caters to different objectives, each playing a distinct and crucial role in the overall gameplay. Besides the potential for an engaging narrative, these missions offer a wide range of rewards, providing you with not only enriching experiences but also valuable loot and credits as well-deserved incentives for your efforts. So, whether you're embarking on an epic quest, taking on thrilling challenges, or exploring the unknown depths of space, every mission in Starfield promises a gratifying and fulfilling journey that keeps you hooked to the game.


Does Starfield Mission Progression Carry Over in NG+

When you start a New Game Plus, any Mission and Faction progression you have will be reset. However, you can choose to fast forward the Main Mission by revealing all your experiences in the previous run to Sarah at the start of One Small Step.

Rather than a change in Missions, there is a small chance in each NG+ that there will be a slight difference in Constellation and it's members. If you want a different Constellation and Lodge in your New Game Plus, you can manipulate the RNG by quick saving just before entering the Unity at the end of One Giant Leap and reloading the save if you get the default Constellation. Though you may encounter a different Constellation, your goal for each NG+ remains the same - collect all the Artifacts. For a list of possible Constellation variations, visit the New Game Plus page.


Mission types in Starfield

When you open up the Missions menu in Starfield, you'll find several tabs separating each type of Mission available. The Mission types you'll be able to find in Starfield are:

  • Main Missions - These Missions must be completed in order to finish the main campaign of Starfield. Each Main Mission is completed sequentially; you can only obtain the next Mission after finishing the previous one. Main Missions follow the story of Constellation and the strange Artifacts scattered across the universe.
  • Faction Missions - These Missions are optional, but must also be completed sequentially. Faction Missions follow the story of their respective Faction, and usually start with in initiation program or task to get into the group. Some Factions are antagonistic towards each other, and your actions with one Faction may earn you the disapproval of another.
  • Miscellaneous (Misc) Missions - These Missions are optional, and most are one-off quests obtained by speaking to and helping certain NPCs or simply witnessing an event happen. 
  • Mission Board Missions - One category of Missions simply noted down as 'Missions' in-game, these Missions are ones obtained from Mission Boards found in certain cities. Mission Board Missions tend to have simple tasks, ranging from delivering packages to defeating rouge pirate captains. These Missions usually only reward Credits, and are a good way of making easy money.
  • Side Missions - The other category of Missions simply noted down as 'Missions' in-game, these Missions are ones usually obtained from unnamed NPCs. Side Missions, like above tend to have short tasks, ranging from defeating nearby enemies to placing items in nearby areas. 
  • Activities - These Missions are presented as very straightforward tasks, most of which are there to encourage you to explore areas you haven't visited before, speak to interesting NPCs, or try tasks that are new to you in the moment. Some Activities may lead into other Activities, or lead you to discover out of reach side quests.


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