NPCs and Characters in Starfield are components of the game that will create an impact on the Story and unlock a variety of Missions. We may predict that through the course of the game you will meet various inhabitants ranging from aliens, humans, robots and even an AI that you may decide on how to interact with. You can find all the relevant information and updates on NPCs here.

Starfield Factions

The game will feature joinable factions that feature their own Missions and rewards.


constellation factions starfield wiki guide 300px

The main faction the character will join. Constellation is the last group of space explorers seeking to solve the mysteries of the universe. The main questline will be focused on the endeavors of this faction. You will be tasked with exploring a variety of different planets to find special artifacts and learn what they are, as well as their purpose.



uc factions starfield wiki guide 300px

A faction greatly opposed to the Crimson Fleet. Joining them may see you going on infiltration missions and escort missions protecting valuable people and items from the cutthroat pirates of the Crimson Fleet.

The Rock

the rock factions starfield wiki guide 300px

The peacekeepers of the Freestar Collective. This faction may be optional and their main missions will be based around protecting civilians from incoming threats.


The Crimson Fleet

crimson fleet factions starfield wiki guide 300px

The Crimson Fleet will be one of the game's main antagonistic groups. Despite this, you will have the option to join and aid this faction. Their missions may involve smuggling and stealing cargo from other faction's spacecrafts and stations, and just wreaking havoc in general.


Starfield NPCs and Characters

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