Skills in Starfield are mainly used to determine the overall effectiveness of the player in combat or certain situations within the game. As the story progresses and once events have been encountered, players can improve certain skills according to their preference. You can find all the relevant information and updates on Skills featured in Starfield on this page.

How to unlock and level up skills in Starfield

Earning experience points (XP) and levelling up grants you skill points. XP can come from many sources including defeating enemies, completing Missions, and discovering new places. You can use these skill points to unlock new skills in the various skill trees.

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Once you've unlocked a skill, you can further rank these skills up to gain more benefits when using them. Skills can be ranked up naturally when using them or by completing their respective challenges. Ranking up skills also requires using skill points.


Skills are are divided into 5 categories: Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech.

  • The Physical tree may focus on improving the character's base stats, such as health and endurance, increasing natural damage reduction, allowing the character to sprint quicker and jump higher, or even increase the amount of XP gained.
  • The Social tree may focus on NPC interactions, including improving the character's pickpocketing ability, getting discounts at stores, increasing your relationship gain when completing NPC quests, or even being able to tame alien creatures temporarily in combat.
  • The Combat tree may focus on weapon-related upgrades, including increasing gun damage, improving accuracy, quickening reload speed, increasing ammo count, and making grenades deadlier.
  • The Science tree may focus on the crafting system, allowing you to unlock more crafting recipes, speed up research times, increase crafting yield, and increase the effectiveness of crafted consumables, as well as upgrading your exploration equipment such as your scanner and mining laser.
  • The Tech tree may focus on matters regarding Outpost and Spaceship building, allowing you to purchase and use better Ship Modules and outpost parts, reducing the number of crew required to maintain them, or improving the resource gathering efficiency and capacity of outposts.

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Starfield Skills


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