Stats in Starfield refer to the numerical values that determine certain aptitudes and capabilities of the main character in the game. While fictional, the context of the game has its foundations in a realistic universe centuries into the future, so a lot of the Stats that players will have to manage will reflect this context. Stats are further informed by the various settings of the game in different areas of the universe, featuring a variety of different environments. This page will give a detailed overview of the different Stats that players have to look out for in the game.

What are the Stats in Starfield?

Stats in Starfield are more or less divided into three different categories: Basic StatsWeapon Stats, and Armor Stats. Basic Stats are stats that players will have by default and will have to manage and make sure to keep in mind at all times throughout their adventure. These Stats can be influenced by multiple external factors in the game, as well as certain traits that the player's Equipment could have. Weapon Stats will dictate how effective Weapons are offensively. These Stats inform their destructive capabilities and things like recoil and how fast you'll be able to use them again after unloading on an Enemy. Armor Stats dictate Spacesuits, Helmets, and Packs' defensive effectiveness. These Stats represent how well they guard the player from damage originating from a variety of different sources. Together, these Stats work hand-in-hand with the character's survival.

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Where to find Stats Starfield?

Basic Stats can be easily seen through the menu. The Health stat can be seen on the main menu as indicated on the right side of the circle containing the character. Clicking on the Inventory will show the current total Mass of the character on the lower left part of the screen. The character's O2 Consumption can be seen on the lower left area of the screen, off of the main menu.

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Weapon and Armor Stats can be seen when viewing Equipment while in the player's Inventory. Players are able to see what each piece of Equipment provides, as well as what will change should they decide to replace what they currently have equipped with what they're viewing.


All Stats in Starfield

Starfield Basic Stats

Basic Stats refer to the character's default parameters that players will have to constantly keep track of during their adventure. These parameters are directly affected by the player's actions and the actions of anything and everything in the environment around them.


The character's Health determines their survivability. Any damage done to the character depletes their health bar, which can be seen through the main menu, as well as on the lower right of the screen at all times. When the Health bar is fully depleted, the character will go down.



The Mass Stat represents how heavy the character currently is in consideration of everything the character has equipped, as well as everything they are carrying in their Inventory. When players reach the maximum weight that the character can carry, they become encumbered, which makes them very slow to move and have running deplete a lot more of their O2 Supply than it should. All Items and Equipment in the game also have their own Mass Stat that add up to the character's Mass Stat.

O2 Supply

O2 Supply is the game's version of a stamina bar. Anytime the player does anything that might exert a little more effort than usual, as it would in real life, more O2 is consumed than normal. These actions include performing strong melee attacks and running. Trying to run while encumbered also depletes O2 faster than normal. Losing all of your O2 Supply will make it strenuous for your body to exert extra effort, which means these actions will instead deplete your Health pool.


Starfield Weapon Stats

Weapons are the main form of dealing damage in Combat, they come in several flavors and are highly customizable. Weapons can be obtained by purchasing them from Merchants, as rewards for Missions and dropped items from Enemies. Weapon Stats represent how effective the Weapon is and will provide players with a sense of how they perform in different situations. Weapon Perks add different effects to your weapons changing how they behave and making them more useful in different scenarios. Weapons are upgradeable through the use of Mods, giving you build flexibility and customizability with the firearm of your choice. These Perks can also affect a Weapon's Weapon Stats in a variety of ways.


Damage Type

  • This Stat shows the type of damage that the Weapon does and how much of it it can deal. Damage types can either be phys icon starfield wiki guide 42px Physical PHYS, energy icon starfield wiki guide 42pxEnergy-based ENGY, or em icon starfield wiki guide 42pxElectromagnetic EM. PHYS refers to damage from physical ammunition and melee attacks. ENGY refers to damage from energy-wave sources like lasers or particle ammunition. Finally, EM refers to damage from vibrating electric and magnetic waves that can affect electrical implements.


  • This Stat represents the type of ammunition needed by the Weapon. There are a variety of ammo types available in the game, each capable of dealing damage in specific ways.


  • This Stat represents how much ammunition Weapons can fire before they have to be fully reloaded. One Mag represents the maximum number of Rounds that the Weapon can fire.


  • This Stat represents how much ammunition Weapons can fire before they have to quick-reloaded with a new Mag.

Fire Rate

  • This Stat represents how fast Weapons can fire their ammunition. A higher number is usually associated with weaker damage per round, but is balanced out by how much ammunition is fired in a short time.


  • This Stat pertains to how far Weapons can fire before their ammunition becomes ineffective. Weapons can be stronger or weaker depending on how far the intended target is.


  • This Stat shows players how precise Weapons are or how likely they are to hit the target they are aiming at. Some Weapons for example sacrifice accuracy for more destructive prowess.


  • The number here shows how many Mods are equipped to the Weapon currently, as well as how many can be equipped to it at maximum. Mods are upgrades that players are able to later Craft for their Weapons through a Workbench.


Starfield Armor Stats

Armor is the main Equipment in the game that serves to mitigate damage and generally increase the player's resistance to hazardous and damaging effects. Packs, Helmets, and Spacesuits encompass this category and all have defensive Stats. These defensive Stats are generally divided into two categories, general Damage Resistance, and Environmental Resistance. Damage Resistance stats mitigate damage from the three main types of damage that can befall the player. Environmental Resistance stats mitigate damage from hazardous sources in more dangerous Locations.

Damage Resistance

phys icon starfield wiki guide 42pxPHYS

  • Physical is a type of damage that can be dealt by or received by characters. This Stat refers to the ability of a person or object to withstand and reduce the harmful effects of damage caused by ballistic weapons.

energy icon starfield wiki guide 42pxENGY

  • Energy is the Stat that indicates the capacity of an individual or an object to withstand and diminish the harmful impact of damage caused specifically by energy weapons.

em icon starfield wiki guide 42pxEM

  • Electromagnet is the Stat that pertains to the capability of a person or object to endure and mitigate the harmful effects of damage caused by electromagnetic weapons.

Environmental Resistance

thermal icon starfield wiki guide 31pxThermal

  • This term refers to the ability of something to withstand or endure high temperatures without being negatively affected or damaged.

corrosive icon starfield wiki guide 31pxCorrosive

  • This phrase pertains to the capacity of something to withstand or endure corrosion without being negatively affected or damaged.

radiation icon starfield wiki guide 31pxRadiation

  • This expression refers to the ability of something to withstand or endure radiation without being negatively impacted or harmed.

airborne icon starfield wiki guide 31pxAirborne

  • This term indicates the ability of something to withstand or endure the effects of contaminants without being negatively affected or harmed.


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