Outposts in Starfield are player-made bases built on planets they visit. Using the Build Mode, players will be able to mix and match different structures to customize their own 'home away from home'. Structures require resources to build, and once built, require power to operate. NPCs players meet on their journey can be recruited to maintain their outposts and these outposts will feature some kind of resource generation mechanic. You can find all the relevant information and updates on Outposts featured on this page.

Players will first have to place down an Outpost Beacon, defining the area in which they can build in. From there, you will have several structures to choose from including:

  • Airlocks
  • Hydroponic units - May allow the production of materials
  • Science units - May aid in crafting
  • Military units - Companions and allies may be able to train and improve in these units
  • Watchtowers

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Starfield Outpost Customization

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