Ship Modules in Starfield are customizable parts of the player's Spaceship. Ship Modules will come in all shapes, sizes, and manufacturers, and players will be able to freely design the layout, color palette, and power of their spaceship. These parts will cost credits and resources to use, and some may even require the player to have specific Skills unlocked. You can find all the relevant information and updates on Ship Modules on this page.

Known Ship Modules include:

  • Cockpit
  • Engines - May determine ship speed
  • Fuel Tanks - May determine thruster capacity
  • Landers 
  • HAB (Habitation Modules) - May determine how many people you can fit in your crew
  • Reactors
  • Shields 

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spaceship customization 2 starfield wiki guide 300px

Fuel is an important part of flying a ship. From a Q&A video with Todd Howard, it has been revealed that Starfield's development team has changed how fuel works in-game. The previous iteration of fuel mechanics had it so that once players ran out of fuel, their ship came to a standstill. However, this felt too punishing from a player's perspective, and so it was changed so that fuel no longer runs out completely, and instead the amount of fuel available in the ship determines how far in space the player can travel at once.

Starfield Ship Modules

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