New Game Plus for Starfield is available to players who finish the game at least once, where provided added features are not available in the first playthrough. New Game Plus allows players to replay the main campaign from the beginning while keeping some key aspects that have been acquired from the first playthrough such as skills, traits, and more. This page covers information on how to access New Game Plus, what kind of changes there will be to the gameplay, as well as equipment or skills that will be carried over.


Starfield New Game Plus Guide

How to Unlock NG+ in Starfield

Players are required to complete the Main Mission line at least once to progress to unlock New Game +. This feature allows players to restart the Main Mission while still having the same skills and powers acquired from the previous gameplay. The last mission to complete is the Main Mission: One Giant Leap. Once the credits have passed, the screen will light up with a note on replaying the game.

The last main mission is called One Giant Leap. Players SHOULD make a manual save before it, since the game does not provide any kind of warning whatsoever detailing that this is the point of no return.

Do note that once you reach One Giant Leap again, during New Game +, you will start a new cycle in which everything that resets will do it again.


New Changes in NG+ in Starfield

Players will have full access to their skills and powers gained from the first playthrough but will not take any items with them, and only be granted a legendary ranked spacesuit. Players will be spawned on Vectera, Moon of Anselon within the Narion System, but will have immediate access to New Atlantis on Jemison, within the Alpha Centauri System. When beginning the Main Mission: One Small Step, speaking with Sarah, will give players the option to skip or repeat the main mission.

Besides that, players who start a New Game + will receive a new armor and a new ship that is not available in the first playthrough. While traveling with this new armor and new spaceship, some dialogues might differ.

Companion relationships can be started anew in New Game +, especially for Companions who have died or didn't have a good relationship with your character. 

Something to note is that the location of the Artifacts during the Main Questline of Starfield, are randomized as well as some Landing Sites on planets. This, however, does not affect major cities like New Atlantis.

Upon completing a playthrough, all bounties the players will be removed. This encourages players to try all sorts of things and create some chaos if they choose to.


Starfield NG+ All Starborn Spacesuits

Every time players complete the main story, and start a New Game Plus, they will receive a different Starborn Spacesuit. This process can be done up to 10 times.

New Game
Starborn Spacesuit Received
First New Game + Starborn Spacesuit Astra
Second New Game + Starborn Spacesuit Materia
 Third New Game + Starborn Spacesuit Locus
Fourth New Game +  Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris
Fifth New Game +  Starborn Spacesuit Solis
Sixth New Game + Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas
Seventh New Game +  Starborn Spacesuit Bellum
Eighth New Game +  Starborn Spacesuit Tempus
Ninth New Game +  Starborn Spacesuit Avitus
Tenth New Game + Starborn Spacesuit Venator


NG+ Missions in Starfield

In New Game +, players will start the Main Mission One Small Step, but when speaking to Sarah, it will give dialogue options to skip the Main Mission. When skipped, the new mission Among the Stars will appear. If not skipped, some Main Missions will appear shorter or combined with other Main Missions. Players will need to collect all the Artifacts again but it will check off more objectives in one go, making the New Game + playthrough much shorter than the first playthrough.


Starfield NG+ The Lodge and Constellation Changes

Every time you start a new New Game + run in Starfield and go through One Small Step again, there is a small chance that Constellation and it's members will have some changes. If you want a different Constellation and Lodge in your New Game Plus, you can manipulate the RNG by quick saving just before entering the Unity at the end of One Giant Leap and reloading the save if you get the default Constellation. Though you may encounter a different Constellation, your goal for each NG+ remains the same - collect the Artifacts to be able to once again reach the Unity.

These are the possible Constellation variations players may encounter in their NG+ runs:

  • Finding Yourself: In this NG+ variant, the player character of this universe is not only alive and well, but is also an active member of Constellation. Upon reaching The Lodge in their New Game Plus run, players can recruit this universe's version of themselves as a Companion and enjoy special dialogue around it.
  • The Evil You: For this NG+ scenario, players will walk into The Lodge discovering all of Constellation, but Sarah, dead on the floor. You'll discover that their assailant was a version of you who had grown tired of gathering the Artifacts the usual way.
  • Doppelganger Gathering: When players enter The Lodge in this variation of NG+, they will find not the regular Constellation members, but a Constellation made up of different versions of themselves - those with their own personalities and those from different Factions.
  • Children's Club: With this NG+ variation, players will find that Constellation and The Lodge itself has been taken over by children. By speaking to them players will learn that the original Constellation members disappeared suddenly, but left a note for their last member.
  • Vengeful Cora: This NG+ scenario might need some set up from previous runs. Upon entering The Lodge, players will be confronted by a Starborn Cora Coe who's returned to The Lodge to exact revenge on the player for the death of her father in a previous universe.
  • Va'ruun Takeover: In this NG+ universe, The Lodge has been attacked and taken over by the House of Va'ruun with Andreja leading them.
  • Business Deal: With this NG+, players will find Walter waiting for them at The Lodge with some UC Security. He'll claim to have all the Artifacts in his possession and explains that he got a tip from another Starborn to sell them to you for 100,000 Credits.
  • Retirees: Upon reaching The Lodge in this universe, players will find it empty, save for Noel. She'll explain that everyone else retired from Constellation, moving on and taking up new professions.
  • The Hunter: When entering The Lodge, players will find that The Hunter has made sure to expedite your meeting with him in this universe. No members of Constellation will be in sight, but in some variations, VASCO will be around to give you everything Constellation knows about the Artifacts.


Starfield New Game + Helpful Links

  • Check out our Game Progress Route page for an overview of how to progress through the game.
  • Check out our Walkthrough page for a detailed guide on how to complete the missions and reach the end of the game
  • Check out our Endings page for information on the other endings.


What Carries Over to NG+ in Starfield

In New Game +, players will not have any of their items that have been crafted or collected in the first playthrough. However, players will keep their skills and powers that have been acquired during the first playthrough. This encourages players to experience the game again with all their skills and powers from the very beginning if they choose to.


What Does Not Carry Over to NG+ in Starfield

In New Game +, players will start off with none of the credits or items that have been accumulated throughout the first playthrough and will start off the game with only 1 spacesuit. This encourages players to restart the story if they choose to with their skills kept from the previous playthrough, and collect all the already collected items or make new discoveries.

  • All Missions, main and side quests
  • Everything related to exploration progress, Outposts, planets, and systems.
  • All Starships
  • All Relationships and crew members



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Farming XP to Reach Level 100 in Starfield

 It is advised for players to reach level 100 before ending their first gameplay, as the player's level will be transferred over to New Game +. When players reach level 100, they will gain the achievement Reach for the Stars.

The fastest way to farm XP is for players to attack friendly spaceships, board, kill all the crew members, and finally destroy the ship. Once complete, players can fast travel to The Lodge and immediately fast travel back so that a friendly spaceship can respawn, and repeat the steps. Destroying the ship will give players a generous amount of XP, but killing the crew members on board will give players even more. Doing this will only take around 4 minutes to complete, and gives players 1200 XP per run. To reach level 100, players will need 479,326 XP.

 Players will need to keep in mind that doing this method will increase the bounty for players. When returning to New Atlantis, players will be put in jail and this will cause a high XP penalty. To avoid this, players will need to create a manual save before doing this method and do this method right before completing the game and starting NG+. That way, players keep their level and the bounty will be removed when the new playthrough begins.


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      "It is advised for players to reach level 100 before ending their first gameplay".

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        I romances Anderson and it said she rebounded herself, but you can't find her in the multiverse. You cannot find any of the other constellation starboard in the multiverse. I hope they fix that with expansions.

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