The Armor in Starfield will play an important role within the game as it will define the player's overall effectiveness in combat and survivability. We may predict that the Armor could most likely be a tad similar to the Fallout series, where Armor is broken down into various pieces such as Head Armor, Chest Armor, Left/Right Arm Armor, Left/Right Leg Armor, Underarmor, Legendary Armor, and possibly a counterpart to the famous Power Armor.

Armor will be upgradeable with the use of Mods, giving you build flexibility and customizability with each armor piece.

In addition to that, it is also safe to assume that it can be obtained by purchasing it from Merchants, as rewards from Missions, dropped items from Enemies, and through Crafting. The list of Armor in Starfield will be updated once Starfield is officially launched.


Starfield Armor

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